Safe Guarding


Project Background

This client needed a course on the topic of preventing Safe Guarding. There was no existing instructor-led course so the task was to produce some new that covered the topic criteria. I decided I would figure out a way to make this course something that would draw learners in and get them interested by using animations and carefully drawn characters.

Course Features

Here are some of the features I included in the course design, along with my reasons for including them and the benefits they provide.


1. Feature

I introduce our protagonist: Richard. He’s a guy who just seems to get things wrong and acts as an example of what not to do, while his coworker Trudy and Dean have fun putting him right every time he steps out of line.


The main benefit of having a character that gets it wrong so often is that it allows the other characters to be able to point out where he is going wrong. For the learnin,g this is an easy way to pick up tips and see examples of what not to do.

2. Feature

I used character designs and animation to demonstrate the points throughout the course.

Benefit: This meant that it did not involve time-consuming production of filming where you often need to get actors and people together on a certain date so that you can create the content.

This also means that it makes the course quite fun to watch as it makes it seem more like a cartoon. Another benefit to using character animations is that because they are not human it is often easier for people to be able to relate to them and put them selves in the position of the character.

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3. Feature

Not many learners are fans of having statistics rattled off at them, but since they need to at least be exposed to them (as opposed to memorize them) I made them graphically pleasing and relevant.


Benefit: Presenting these facts in a visual style consistent with the rest of the course makes them more relevant to learners. By using images of the same people who are getting harassed in our scenarios, it ties it together nicely.


Why Does This Course Work?

  • Interesting Character and Point of View: Boring content is brought to life with fun characters.
  • Humour: I couldn’t stand the idea of creating a deadly-earnest Safe Guarding course. It’s a serious topic, but it’s also fine fodder for carefully-crafted humour. And it works!
  • Good Illustrations of Concepts and Scenarios: I illustrated concepts by showing people in real situations rather than just talking about them. Those details and visuals keep learners interested and engaged.
  • Results: The client was so happy and as a team, we completed a whole series of other courses to go with this one.

Why Was My Role?

  • Course Developer: I developed the course as part of a team. The UI design was something I played a big part in.
  • Visual Designer: I designed and developed all of the graphics, animations and character designs.

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