Anglian Lintel Solutions

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Project Background

Anglian Home Improvements were releasing a new product. A lintel repair solution that would allow for a lintel crack to be repaired quickly and easily without having to rebuild the brickwork with an iron girder. They produced a drill that had two drill bits that could cut away the lintel and then put a helical wire in place to support the brickwork. This was then filled with resin and then new lintel would be put over the top to cover the seem. They required a training

Course Features

Here are some of the features I included in the course design, along with my reasons for including them and the benefits they provide.

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1. Feature

This course was filmed at two locations. This actually came about because there was some content added to the product that did not feature in the first video, but I was still able to make use of the footage from the first filming session because it actually added to the delivery of the course.


The aim of the course was to give the learner the closest look and feel of the product to show them how it actually works as if they were there using it. A good way to go about doing this was by showing the product being used in a variety of scenarios and getting feedback from the information experts.

2. Feature

Rather than tell learners whether or not a particular scenario showed Arlo violating the sexual harassment policies, I show them the situations and let them guess whether or not policies are being violated.


Benefit: Since most learners are required to take this course each year, why not adapt it to different levels of understanding? If someone is new to the content, taking a guess lets them get involved and make a decision. If someone knows the policies inside and out, they get the satisfaction of showing what they know up front. Either way, learners get involved and make choices at their own level of understanding.

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3. Feature

By introducing a simple animated graphic. This information was provided to me by the information expert from a quick description that he gave me. It was really key to the whole procedure so I felt the best way to demonstrate this process was to create a short animation.

Benefit: Presenting these facts in a visual style allows the learner to be able to see what takes place inside the brickwork. They can see an easy break down of what they need to do and the order in which they need to complete each step.

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4. Feature

High-quality images.

Anglian commissioned a professional photographer to join us on set to make sure there were plenty of images that could be used for marketing purposes. I was able to make use of these for the video content which meant that there was very detailed close up of the product which allowed the learner to see it better.

Published Sample

Here’s a small clip of the course so you can get an idea of the tone, pacing, narration, and overall presentation as the learner sees it.

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Why Does This Course Work?

  • Video Footage: The use of video footage makes the learner feel like they are actually there.
  • Knowledge Test: At the end of the course there is a short test which makes sure the learner has understood the content properly.
  • Different Scenarios: This was filmed in both winter and summer which shows the diversity of environments of which the product can be installed.
  • Results: The trainers found this course to be useful and it was implemented on the LMS.

What Was My Role?

  • Course Developer: I storyboarded the course as well as the content in the course.
  • Writer: I produced a script which was signed off by the information expert.
  • Visual Designer: I designed the graphics and produced the video content for the course.
  • Instructional Designer: I cam up with a short quiz that would test their knowledge of the content.
  • Voiceover Artist: I recorded the voice over.

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