We realise that each company is different and there is not one solution that works for all which is why we start by analysing your development goals and then choose the appropriate learning methods, such as blended learning, micro learning and in the flow of learning.

We assess the following five key capabilities when selecting which software to implement:

  • Content
  • Integration
  • Social interaction
  • User experience design
  • Data analysis

Often the current training put in place by a company comes in the form of face to face training supported by training notes such as powerpoint presentations. These can be reused in the form of rapid learning and as an online learning technology company, it is often the misconception of the user to think that we will be getting rid of the face to face training but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We know that a varied approach is best for learners as they will take in the information better if it is delivered to them in many different ways. Some people learn better through a hands-on approach, others prefer to watch a video, some prefer to take in the information by listening, some prefer micro learning which is short snippets of information placed appropriately where they need it and others can benefit from looking further into a subject to gain qualifications to prove that they have what it takes to succeed. We try to mix up the different styles of learning and this is often referred to as ‘blended learning’. Through a blended learning approach, we can combine face to face training with online training and create a learner journey to develop skills that are beneficial to the individual as well as the business.