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Project Background

This client needed a course on demonstrating the installation of a new product. The existing solution was face to face training; this was not a viable option for the company as it meant that the installer trainers had to be on site which was costly and time-consuming. The way forward was to make a course that would draw learners in and get them interested; a good challenging when it comes to teaching something technical.

Course Features

Here are some of the features I included in the course design, along with my reasons for including them and the benefits they provide.


1. Feature

At the start of the course, I introduce our trainers: Trevor and Darren. These are the same trainers that would normally deliver this face to face. By using them as the presenters they provide a familiar point of contact as information experts going forward.


I could have used different people to present the new product but by using the information experts as the presenters they provide a familiar point of contact going forward.

2. Feature

This new product can be set up internally and can be carried around in the vans of the installers. The course demonstrates this product in an informative way.

Benefit: Since most learners no longer need to install scaffolding on the property in order to remove the window it means that this new product allows the installers to be able to remove a window from a first-floor building or higher in a safe, cost-effective and quick way.

This video allows them to watch the instructions at their own pace.

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3. Feature

There was no test for this course all they had to do is complete the course.

Benefit: This meant that the company was covered for any health and safety aspects of the installation including making sure the learner had understood the content.


Published Sample

Here’s a published sample of the course so you can get an idea of the tone, pacing, narration, and overall presentation as the learner sees it.

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Why Does This Course Work?

  • Interesting Character and Point of View: It’s easy to get pulled into the content in an enjoyable way once you’re interested in a character and because I used the recognisable voice of the installer then it allows the learner to feel like they are learning from an expert.
  • Practical: It’s a serious topic, but by integrating video content into the course it makes it easier to digest the information and it works!
  • Quick turn around: Creating video content like this can be costly as all the right people need to get to the same location for filming and when you are dealing with a national company it is best to make sure that the filming event happens at a time when existing training is taking place. I was able to capture the script while there and record the narration. I then edited the footage the next day which meant this was up on the LMS within a couple of days of filming.
  • Results: The client was so happy and excited about this course that they were able to use this as part of their training when they could not make it along to face to face training sessions and when they did they could use it as supporting material.

What Was My Role?

  • Instructional Designer: To make the information “stick” I chunked this course into smaller, targeted lessons and organized and presented them in the context of an installer presenting it. This meant any trainer could make use of it as if it was there own but basically, I designed the whole course.
  • Course Developer: I developed it using the Thinqi platform an authoring tool used by Anglian Home Improvements. We renamed this the Learning Hub. I did a lot of work in the development process.
  • Writer: I worked with the SME’s to create the script and piece together the information required for the course.
  • Visual Designer: I designed all aspects of the course and filmed content on location. This included using cameras, lighting equipment and microphones.
  • Voiceover Artist: I recorded the voice-over artist.

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