Poll Data Software Training


Project Background

The project was created for a local councilor to help instruct canversers on how to obtain updated records using on polling data. This software is used by all political parties as a way to collect data.

The training required basic understanding of the software so that people could pick it up quickly without the need for face to face training.

Course Features

Here are some of the features I included in the course design, along with my reasons for including them and the benefits they provide.


1. Feature

Screen recordings have been captured to show the process of using the software. These have been edited to make them more interesting. I used Articulate Peek for this.


Giving the learner the ability to be able to see the software if fundamental to a software training course because it allows the user to see recorded examples of how they need to use the software. They can follow along, take notes or try it out on the software and pause the screen recording as they wish so they can test out what they have seen.

Published Sample

Here’s a published sample of the course so you can get an idea of the tone, pacing, narration, and overall presentation as the learner sees it.

Articulate Storyline