Learner Flow can effectively implement learning and technology consultancy, design, development and delivery of L&D solutions.

E-Learning Development

We are specialists at creating e-Learning. We create accurate, detailed and engaging e-Learning content, such as onboarding and compliance. We use a variety of tools such as animation, video, branching, gamification, and quizzes to create bespoke solutions to suit your business needs. We maintain and produce a range of web content and aim to modernise the resources and delivery of learning content through blended learning and the production of technology enhanced learning.

Learning and Development Solutions

We are experienced in using a range of technologies that can help improve and streamline learning management, assessment, analytics, registration, video learning, and professional development.

Each business is different so there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to learning technology, but often there are some common traits shared by all.



Our expert guidance can help your organisation at every step of your learning journey.